When it comes to tattoos, some people may want to temporarily cover them up for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s for a professional setting or a special occasion, makeup can be a game-changer in concealing tattoos. Did you know that makeup has been used for tattoo cover-ups for centuries? From ancient civilizations to modern times, the art of camouflaging tattoos has evolved, offering an array of techniques to effectively hide inked designs.

Covering tattoos with makeup is a skill that requires the right tools and techniques. With the right products and some practice, you can achieve impressive results. Over time, makeup artists and tattoo enthusiasts have developed a range of methods to effectively hide tattoos. From using color correctors to layering foundation, these techniques work by neutralizing the colors of the tattoo and providing a natural-looking cover. In fact, a study conducted in 2018 revealed that 85% of individuals who covered their tattoos with makeup reported feeling more confident and comfortable in social situations. So if you want to temporarily conceal your tattoo, makeup can be your secret weapon.

how to cover tattoos with makeup

How to Cover Tattoos with Makeup

Tattoos can be a beautiful form of self-expression, but there may be occasions when you want to cover them up. Whether it’s for a special event or a job interview, makeup can provide a temporary solution to conceal your tattoos. With the right techniques and products, you can achieve a flawless coverage that lasts all day. In this article, we will guide you through the process of covering tattoos with makeup and provide you with helpful tips and tricks.

1. Prepping Your Skin

Before applying makeup to cover your tattoo, it’s essential to prepare your skin properly. Start by cleansing the area with a gentle cleanser to remove any dirt, oil, or residue. Pat the skin dry and apply a moisturizer to create a smooth canvas for the makeup.

Next, use a color-correcting primer to neutralize the colors of your tattoo. Choose a color opposite to the undertones of your tattoo. For example, if your tattoo has blue undertones, use an orange or peach-colored primer. Apply a thin layer of the primer directly onto the tattooed area and blend it out using your fingertips or a makeup sponge.

Allow the primer to settle for a few minutes before proceeding with the next step.

2. Applying Foundation

Choosing the right foundation is crucial when covering tattoos. Look for a full-coverage foundation with a matte finish that matches your skin tone. The foundation should be long-lasting to ensure that it stays in place throughout the day.

To apply the foundation, use a flat brush or a makeup sponge. Start by dotting the foundation directly onto the tattooed area and blend it out in gentle patting motions. Build up the coverage as needed, focusing on blending out the edges to create a seamless finish. Make sure to extend the foundation beyond the tattooed area to create a natural look.

If your tattoo is still visible after applying the foundation, you can use a color corrector specifically designed for tattoos. Apply a thin layer of the color corrector over the foundation and blend it out. This will help further neutralize the colors of the tattoo.

3. Setting the Makeup

To ensure that your makeup stays in place and doesn’t transfer, it’s essential to set it with powder. Choose a translucent setting powder and apply it over the tattooed area using a fluffy brush. Gently press the powder onto the skin and then dust off any excess.

If you have oily skin or anticipate sweating, you can also use a setting spray to lock in your makeup. Hold the setting spray a few inches away from your face and mist it evenly over the tattooed area.

4. Touch-Ups and Maintenance

Throughout the day, you may need to touch up your makeup to ensure that your tattoo remains covered. Carry a small makeup sponge or brush with you along with your foundation and powder. If you notice any fading or peeling, gently pat on some foundation and set it with powder.

Avoid rubbing or scratching the tattooed area, as it may cause the makeup to smudge or wear off. If you need to remove the makeup, use a gentle cleanser or makeup remover specifically formulated for long-wearing products. Cleanse the skin thoroughly and reapply the makeup if necessary.

5. Tips and Tricks

  • Choose a setting powder that is specifically designed for flash photography to avoid a white cast in photos.
  • If you’re unsure about color matching, visit a makeup counter or store and ask for assistance in finding the right shade.
  • For larger tattoos, consider using a color corrector in addition to the foundation for better coverage.
  • Experiment with different techniques and products to find what works best for you. What works for one person may not work for another, so don’t be afraid to try out different options.

Can You Completely Cover a Tattoo with Makeup?

Covering a tattoo with makeup can help conceal it temporarily, but it’s important to note that complete coverage may not always be achievable. Factors such as the size, color, and texture of the tattoo can affect the level of coverage that can be achieved with makeup.

However, with the right techniques and products, you can significantly reduce the appearance of your tattoo and make it less noticeable. Makeup can be a useful tool for special occasions or situations where you prefer to keep your tattoo hidden.

Remember to always choose high-quality products that are specifically designed for coverage, and take the time to properly prep and set your makeup for long-lasting results. Practice different application techniques to find what works best for your tattoo and skin type.

Key Takeaways – How to Cover Tattoos with Makeup

  • Use a color corrector to neutralize the tattoo color.
  • Apply a full-coverage foundation to conceal the tattoo.
  • Set the makeup with a translucent powder to increase its longevity.
  • Consider using a tattoo cover-up product specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Blend the edges of the covered tattoo to ensure a seamless look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking for ways to cover up your tattoos with makeup? This is a common concern for individuals who may want to temporarily conceal their tattoos for special occasions or professional settings. In this article, we will provide answers to some frequently asked questions about how to cover tattoos with makeup.

1. How can I cover my tattoo with makeup?

To cover your tattoo with makeup, you will need a few essential products. Start by using a color corrector or concealer that matches your skin tone. Apply it to the tattoo, blending it evenly. Then, apply a full-coverage foundation or a tattoo cover-up product that matches your skin tone. Set the makeup with a translucent powder to ensure long-lasting coverage. If needed, you can also use a setting spray for added durability.

It is important to choose products that are specifically formulated for tattoo coverage to achieve the best results. Additionally, make sure to use clean brushes or makeup sponges for application to prevent any contamination or skin irritations.

2. How can I make my tattoo stay covered for a longer time?

To make your tattoo stay covered for a longer time, follow these tips:

1. Prep your skin: Clean your tattooed area thoroughly and apply a hydrating moisturizer. This will create a smooth surface for makeup application and help the products adhere better.

2. Use primer: Apply a primer specifically designed for long-wear makeup. Primers help to fill in any texture on the skin and create a smooth base for the makeup to adhere to.

3. Layer products: Apply thin layers of color corrector, concealer, and foundation, allowing each layer to dry before applying the next. This will build up the coverage and make it more long-lasting.

4. Set with powder: After applying your makeup, lightly dust a translucent powder over the tattooed area to set the products in place and reduce shine.

5. Avoid excessive rubbing: Try not to touch or rub the covered tattoo area too much throughout the day, as friction can cause the makeup to fade or smudge.

3. Can I swim or shower with makeup-covered tattoos?

While makeup can provide temporary coverage for tattoos, it is not completely waterproof. Therefore, it is best to avoid swimming or showering with makeup-covered tattoos, as water can cause the products to wear off or smudge.

If you anticipate being in a situation where your tattoo may come into contact with water, consider using a professional tattoo cover-up product specifically designed for long-lasting, water-resistant wear.

4. How do I choose the right shades of makeup for tattoo coverage?

To choose the right shades of makeup for tattoo coverage, it is important to match the products to your skin tone as closely as possible. Here are some tips:

1. Color corrector: Select a color corrector that matches your skin tone or complements the undertones of your tattoo. For example, if your tattoo has a blue undertone, use an orange or peach color corrector to neutralize it.

2. Concealer: Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone exactly or is one shade lighter. This will help to further camouflage the tattoo.

3. Foundation: Opt for a foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. If you are unsure, test the shades on your jawline to find the best match.

Keep in mind that natural lighting is the best way to assess the true color match of the makeup on your skin. If possible, try swatching the products on your arm or neck in natural light before applying them to your tattooed area.

5. How do I remove makeup from my tattoo?

To remove makeup from your tattoo, follow these steps:

1. Begin by wiping off any excess makeup with a damp cloth or makeup wipe.

2. Gently cleanse the tattooed area with a gentle cleanser or makeup remover, using circular motions. This will help to break down the makeup.

3. Rinse the area with lukewarm water, making sure to remove any residue.

4. Pat the tattooed area dry with a clean towel, avoiding any rubbing.

5. Apply a soothing moisturizer to keep the skin hydrated.

how to cover tattoos with makeup 2

To cover tattoos with makeup, start by choosing a high-quality, full-coverage concealer that matches your skin tone.

Apply the concealer directly to the tattoo and blend it out using a makeup sponge or brush for a natural look. Set the concealer with a translucent powder to prevent smudging. For larger tattoos, use a color corrector before applying the concealer.

Remember to moisturize your skin before applying makeup, and avoid rubbing or scratching the area to avoid removing the makeup. With practice, you can effectively cover tattoos for special occasions or when you want a temporary change in appearance.

If you’re unsure about applying makeup to cover your tattoos, consider seeking professional help, such as visiting a makeup artist who specializes in tattoo coverage.


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