This set includes the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and Brazilian Shower Cream-Gel. The Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is a fast-absorbing body cream that helps tighten, tone, and moisturize skin. The Brazilian Shower Cream-Gel is a lusciously creamy gel formula that cleanses and nourishes the skin.

I’m not sure what I expected from Sol De Janeiro Over the Moon set, but it definitely exceeded my expectations! This set comes with a full-size Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and a travel-size Brazilian Shower Cream-Gel, both of which smell absolutely amazing. The Bum Bum Cream is one of my all-time favorite body lotions, so I was really excited to try the shower gel.

It did not disappoint! The scent is just as amazing as the cream and it leaves my skin feeling super soft and hydrated.

Sol De Janeiro Over the Moon Set


Where is Sol De Janeiro Located?

Sol de Janeiro is located in Brazil. It is a country known for its beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant culture. Sol de Janeiro is situated in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, one of Brazil’s most popular tourist destinations.

The city is home to a number of iconic landmarks, including the Christ the Redeemer statue and Sugarloaf Mountain. Visitors to Sol de Janeiro can enjoy plenty of sun, sand, and surf at some of the city’s most popular beaches, such as Copacabana and Ipanema. There is also plenty to see and do away from the beach, with museums, parks, and historical sites all worth exploring.

Is Sol De Janeiro Actually Brazilian?

Sol de Janeiro is a Brazilian brand that was created in 2014. The company is based in New York City and its products are sold in over 50 countries. Sol de Janeiro’s products are inspired by the Brazilian lifestyle and culture, and the brand’s name comes from the Portuguese translation of “sunshine.”

So, Is Sol de Janeiro actually Brazilian? Yes, the brand is inspired by Brazil and its culture, but it is not actually based in Brazil.

Who is Sol De Janeiro Owned By?

Sol De Janeiro Over the Moon set is a relatively new brand that has only been around since 2015. The company is owned by Brazilian native Camila Pierotti and American entrepreneur David Boswell. Both founders are passionate about bringing the unique, vibrant culture of Brazil to the rest of the world through their products.

Sol De Janeiro Over the Moon set line of skincare and beauty products are all inspired by Brazilian beach culture and ingredients.

Is Brazilian Bum Bum Worth It?

There is no denying that Brazilian bum creams are becoming increasingly popular. But what exactly is this ‘miracle cream’ and is it really worth the hype? So, what is Brazilian bum cream?

It’s a body butter that contains a blend of coffee, cupuaçu butter, acai oil, and coconut oil. This unique combination of ingredients makes it super hydrating and perfect for those with dry skin. It also has a light, refreshing scent which makes it perfect for summertime.

Now onto the big question – is it worth the money? We think so! Here’s why…

Firstly, it really does work. If you’re looking for something to help hydrate your skin and give you a bit of a ‘boost’, then this is definitely the product for you.

Secondly, a little goes a long way. A small pot will last you ages – making it great value for money.

And finally, it just feels luxurious! Applying this creamy body butter is an instant pick-me-up and makes you feel like you’re being treated to a spa day in the comfort of your own home.

So there you have it – our verdict on Brazilian bum cream!

Sol De Janeiro Over the Moon set Product Review


Sol De Janeiro Over the Moon set

When it comes to skincare, there are few brands that can rival Sol De Janeiro Over the Moon set. This Brazilian-based company has quickly become a cult favorite among beauty enthusiasts, and for good reason. Their products are formulated with unique ingredients that work to nourish and revitalize the skin.

One of their best-selling products is the Sol De Janeiro Over the Moon set. This set includes the brand’s signature Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and Brazilian Body Scrub. Both of these products are rich in coffee extracts and cocoa butter, which help to smooth and tighten the skin.

They also contain a blend of essential oils that provide a refreshing scent while delivering hydration. The Sol De Janeiro Over the Moon set is ideal for those who want to achieve soft, glowing skin. The body scrub exfoliates away dead skin cells, while the body cream leaves behind a protective barrier that locks in moisture.

Use them together or alternate between them depending on your needs. Either way, you’re sure to end up with beautiful, healthy-looking skin!

Sol De Janeiro Mist Master Mix Set

Introducing the Sol de Janeiro Mist Master Mix Set- a limited edition, three-piece set that includes our Brazilian Beauty Secrets Shower Cream-Gel, Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, and new Brazilian Bod Buff Scrub. This trio is everything you need for soft, smooth, irresistible skin from head to toe. The Brazilian Beauty Secrets Shower Cream-Gel is a multi-tasking marvel that cleanses and conditions skin with a blend of nutrient-rich ingredients.

Formulated with cupuaçu butter, coconut oil, and acai berry extract, it leaves skin feeling hydrated and looking radiant. The Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is an all-natural body cream that helps tighten and tone your skin while delivering long-lasting moisture. Infused with a blend of coffee Arabica seed extract and guaraná powder, it helps give you the appearance of smoother, more toned skin.

The addition of lactic acid aids in exfoliation while cocoa butter and shea butter work to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin. The new Brazilian Bod Buff Scrub is a sugar body scrub that buffs away dryness to reveal softer, smoother skin. Made with 100% natural sugar cane crystals combined with nourishing oils like sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and coconut oil, it gently exfoliates without stripping away moisture.

Plus the delicious scent of caramelized bananas will leave you feeling truly pampered from head to toe!

Sol De Janeiro Mini Set

Sol De Janeiro is a Brazilian-based beauty brand that offers a range of skincare, body care, and fragrance products. The Sol De Janeiro Mini Set includes four of the brand’s best-selling products: the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butter, Brazilian Touch Hand Cream, and Brazilian Golden Body Veil. This set is perfect for those who want to try out the brand’s products or for those who are looking for travel-sized versions of their favorites.

Sol De Janeiro Sephora

Sol de Janeiro is a brand that offers a range of Brazilian-inspired beauty products. The brand’s signature product is the Bum Bum Cream, which is designed to help improve the appearance of the skin. Other products in the range include body oils, scrubs, and soaps.

Sol de Janeiro is available at Sephora stores across the United States.

Sol De Janeiro Set Sephora

Welcome to my blog post about the Sol De Janeiro Set from Sephora. This set includes the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and the Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butter. The Brazilian Bum Bum Cream is a body cream that promises to tighten and smooth your skin.

It contains a blend of cupuaçu butter, acai oil, and coconut oil. The Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butter is a lip balm that hydrates and nourishes your lips with its blend of cupuaçu butter, jojoba oil, and shea butter.

Sol De Janeiro Over the Moon Set Sample

Welcome to my blog post about the Sol De Janeiro Over the Moon Set Sample! This set is a great way to try out the brand’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream and Brazilian Kiss Cupuaçu Lip Butter. It also comes with a mini Pura Vida Body Glow, which is perfect for summer.

The set also includes a travel-size sunscreen, so you can protect your skin while trying out these new products. I think this set is a great value because it includes four full-size products and two deluxe samples. The body cream alone is worth the price of the set, in my opinion.

I’ve been wanting to try this brand for a while now and I’m so glad I finally got my hands on this set. If you’re looking for a summertime beauty treat, I highly recommend checking out the Sol De Janeiro Over the Moon Sett!


The Sol de Janeiro Over the Moon Set is a new beauty product that has just hit the market. This set includes two products: a body butter and a body scrub. Both of these products are said to be very hydrating and nourishing for the skin.

The body butter is made with shea butter, cocoa butter, and Brazilian oils, while the body scrub contains sugar cane extract, jojoba beads, and cupuacu butter. Both of these products are said to have a very pleasant scent that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated. They are also said to be very effective at moisturizing and cleansing the skin.

If you are looking for a new beauty routine that will leave you feeling pampered and relaxed, then this might be the perfect set for you!


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