When it comes to the iconic Marilyn Monroe, one cannot help but wonder what kind of lipstick she used. Her beauty and style have captivated audiences for decades, and her signature red lips are nothing short of legendary. But what was the secret behind that perfect pout?

Known for her sultry, glamorous look, Marilyn Monroe was said to be a fan of the iconic shade “Ruby Woo” by MAC Cosmetics. This vibrant red lipstick has a timeless appeal and is still loved by beauty enthusiasts today. Its matte finish and long-lasting formula make it a perfect choice for those looking to recreate the alluring lips that Marilyn Monroe was famous for. With its rich pigmentation and classic red hue, Ruby Woo continues to embody the elegance and allure of this beloved Hollywood icon.

what lipstick did marilyn monroe use
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What Lipstick Did Marilyn Monroe Use?

Marilyn Monroe, known for her iconic beauty, was often admired for her flawless makeup looks. One of her signature features was her perfectly applied lipstick. Many wonder what lipstick Marilyn Monroe used to achieve her iconic pout. In this article, we will explore the lipstick shades and brands that Marilyn Monroe favored, as well as the impact she had on the beauty industry.

The Iconic Red:

Marilyn Monroe was renowned for her glamorous red lipstick. She often opted for vibrant shades of red that complemented her fair skin and blonde hair. One of the lipstick brands she frequently wore was called “Ruby Woo” by MAC Cosmetics. This shade became synonymous with Marilyn Monroe’s signature look and continues to be popular to this day.

Another red lipstick shade that Marilyn Monroe favored was “Cherry Lush” by NARS. This deep cherry-red shade added a touch of sophistication to her makeup looks. It is no surprise that Marilyn Monroe’s choices in red lipstick have become timeless classics that many women still turn to for a touch of old Hollywood glamour.

Marilyn Monroe’s preference for red lipstick was not limited to specific brands. She often combined shades to create her desired look. One technique she used was mixing shades of red and orange. This created a unique and vibrant lip color that perfectly complemented her complexion.

Pink and Coral Tones:

In addition to her love for red lipstick, Marilyn Monroe also embraced pink and coral tones. These shades added a softer and more playful touch to her makeup looks. She preferred a coral-pink shade called “Coco Revved Up” by Chanel. This color added a fresh and youthful appearance to her lips.

Marilyn Monroe also opted for a pink shade called “Pink Nouveau” by MAC Cosmetics. This bright and vibrant pink added a pop of color to her lips, and she often paired it with simple eye makeup for a feminine and elegant look. She knew how to choose lipstick shades that suited her skin tone and overall style.

Her Impact on the Beauty Industry:

Marilyn Monroe’s beauty and style continue to inspire generations of women. Her choice of lipstick shades and brands had a significant impact on the beauty industry, contributing to the popularity of red and pink tones. Many beauty companies have since created lipstick shades in her honor, hoping to capture a bit of the timeless glamour she embodied.

Marilyn Monroe’s love for red lipstick has made it a staple in many makeup collections. The confidence and allure she exuded while wearing bold shades of red continue to resonate with women all over the world. Her influence on the beauty industry is undeniable, and her choice of lipstick forever left its mark.

Did Marilyn Monroe Have a Favorite Lipstick Brand?

While Marilyn Monroe had specific lipstick shades she favored, she did not limit herself to a single brand. She experimented with various brands to achieve the perfect lip color for each occasion.

MAC Cosmetics and NARS were two brands that Marilyn Monroe frequently turned to for her lipstick needs. These brands offered a wide range of shades and finishes, allowing her to create versatile looks that suited her style and image.

It is important to remember that during Marilyn Monroe’s time, the beauty industry was not as vast as it is today. She had a more limited selection of brands to choose from compared to modern times. However, she certainly made the most of the options available to her, showcasing her impeccable taste in lip color.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Lipstick:

Marilyn Monroe’s dedication to finding the perfect lipstick shade speaks to the importance of choosing the right lipstick for oneself. The right shade can enhance a person’s natural beauty, boost confidence, and complete a look.

When selecting a lipstick, consider factors such as your skin tone, undertones, and personal style. Experiment with different shades and brands to find the ones that make you feel your best. Marilyn Monroe’s approach to lipstick serves as a reminder to embrace your own unique beauty and explore what works best for you.

In Conclusion

Marilyn Monroe’s choice of lipstick shades, including her iconic reds and playful pinks, contributed to her timeless beauty and lasting influence on the beauty industry. While she had specific shades she favored, she did not limit herself to a single brand, exploring different options to achieve her desired look.

Choosing the right lipstick is a personal journey that can enhance one’s natural beauty and boost confidence. Take inspiration from Marilyn Monroe’s approach to lipstick, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different shades and brands to find what works best for you.

Key Takeaways: What Lipstick Did Marilyn Monroe Use

  1. Marilyn Monroe’s signature red lipstick shade was called “Ruby Red” by Max Factor.
  2. The formula of Monroe’s lipstick had a creamy texture and a satin finish.
  3. She often applied the lipstick straight from the bullet with a precise application.
  4. To enhance the shape of her lips, Monroe would sometimes overline them slightly.
  5. Marilyn Monroe’s iconic red lipstick became a symbol of glamour and femininity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about the lipstick that Marilyn Monroe used:

1. What brand of lipstick did Marilyn Monroe wear?

Marilyn Monroe was known to wear various brands of lipstick throughout her career. One of her favorite brands was reportedly Guerlain, specifically the shade called “Rouge Automatique”. This vibrant red shade complemented her iconic look and became synonymous with her image.

However, Marilyn Monroe also experimented with other brands and shades. She was often seen wearing shades of red, such as NARS Dragon Girl and Revlon Fire and Ice. Ultimately, her choice of lipstick varied depending on the occasion and her personal preference at the time.

2. Did Marilyn Monroe favor any specific lipstick color?

Marilyn Monroe was known for her love of bold and vibrant lipstick colors, particularly shades of red. The red lipstick she wore became an iconic part of her signature look. She believed that red lips added a touch of glamour and sophistication to her overall appearance.

While Marilyn Monroe favored red lipsticks, she also experimented with other shades, such as pink and coral. In some instances, she would even mix different lipstick colors to achieve a unique shade that suited her complexion and outfit.

3. What finish did Marilyn Monroe prefer for her lipstick?

Marilyn Monroe preferred a glossy finish for her lipstick. She believed that the shine added to the allure of her lips and enhanced her overall glamor. The glossy finish gave her lips a fuller and plumper appearance, accentuating their natural beauty.

To achieve the glossy finish, Marilyn Monroe would often apply a clear lip gloss or use a lipstick with a built-in shine. This added an extra dimension to her lips, making them appear luscious and inviting.

4. Did Marilyn Monroe have a specific technique for applying her lipstick?

Marilyn Monroe had her own technique when it came to applying lipstick. She believed in taking the time to create a precise and polished look. Here’s a breakdown of her lipstick application process:

1. Start with a clean and moisturized lip surface. Marilyn Monroe believed that well-hydrated lips provided a smooth canvas for lipstick application.

2. Use a lip liner to define the shape of the lips. Marilyn Monroe was known for slightly exaggerating her cupid’s bow to achieve a more sultry look.

3. Apply the lipstick using a lip brush for precision. Marilyn Monroe would start from the center of her lips and gradually work her way towards the corners, ensuring even coverage.

4. Blot the lips with a tissue to remove any excess product. Marilyn Monroe believed that blotting helped to set the lipstick and prevent smudging.

5. Optionally, add a touch of clear lip gloss to achieve a glossy finish. Marilyn Monroe loved the extra shine it brought to her lips.

5. Are there any modern lipsticks similar to what Marilyn Monroe used?

While there may not be an exact replica of the lipsticks Marilyn Monroe used, there are several modern lipsticks that can help you achieve a similar look and feel. Here are a few options:

1. Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick in “Red Carpet Red” – This shade has a matte finish and a vibrant red color that resembles Marilyn Monroe’s iconic red lips.

2. MAC Ruby Woo – Known for its universal appeal and matte finish, this lipstick shade is often compared to the red lipsticks Marilyn Monroe wore.

3. NARS Dragon Girl – This highly pigmented, bright matte red shade is similar to the lip colors Marilyn Monroe loved to wear.

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The Search for Marilyn Monroe’s Lipstick!

So, what lipstick did Marilyn Monroe use? Well, Marilyn Monroe was known for her iconic red lips, and her go-to lipstick was typically a vibrant shade of red. She preferred shades with blue undertones, as this helped to make her teeth appear whiter.

While there is no definitive answer as to the specific brand or shade Marilyn Monroe used, it is believed that she often wore lipsticks from brands like Max Factor, Revlon, and Elizabeth Arden. These brands were popular during her time and offered a variety of red shades that could achieve her signature look.


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