When it comes to the world of makeup, the beauty industry is filled with various brands and products. But have you heard of Seint makeup? It’s not just your typical makeup brand. What sets Seint apart is its unique business model as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company.

Seint makeup, formerly known as Maskcara Beauty, was founded in 2013 by beauty influencer Cara Brook. The company’s mission is to empower women through their innovative approach to makeup. As an MLM, Seint offers individuals the opportunity to become independent beauty consultants, allowing them to earn income by selling Seint’s products and recruiting others to join their teams.

is seint makeup an mlm

Is Seint Makeup an MLM?

Seint Makeup is a popular brand that offers a range of high-quality beauty products. Many people wonder if Seint Makeup operates as a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. In this article, we will explore whether Seint Makeup fits the MLM model and provide detailed information on the company’s business structure.

Understanding Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Multi-level marketing (MLM) is a business model in which individuals become distributors for a company and earn income from both their sales of the company’s products or services and the sales made by their recruited distributors. MLM companies typically encourage distributors to recruit others to join the company and build a downline, which results in commissions and bonuses.

MLM companies often use a hierarchical structure, where distributors at higher levels earn bonuses or overrides from the sales of distributors below them. This structure can be profitable for those who are successful at building a large and active downline.

Seint Makeup’s Business Model

Seint Makeup operates as a direct sales company, which is similar to MLM but with some key differences. In the case of Seint Makeup, distributors earn commissions through their personal sales and do not necessarily rely heavily on recruiting others to build a downline. While distributors can still recruit and build a team, it is not the primary focus of their business.

Seint Makeup offers a unique approach to beauty with its customizable makeup palettes. The brand emphasizes a natural, minimalist approach to makeup, allowing customers to create their own customized palette with foundation, blush, and other products. Distributors promote Seint Makeup products through in-person demonstrations, online sales, and social media marketing.

Advantages of Seint Makeup’s Business Model

The business model adopted by Seint Makeup offers a few distinct advantages:

  • Flexibility: Distributors have the freedom to work on their own schedule and choose how they promote and sell Seint Makeup products.
  • Customization: Seint Makeup’s focus on customizable palettes allows distributors to cater to individual customer preferences and offer personalized recommendations.
  • Quality Products: Seint Makeup is known for its high-quality products, which can create customer loyalty and repeat sales for distributors.
  • Training and Support: Seint Makeup provides training and support to help distributors succeed in their business, including online resources, marketing materials, and community support.

Earning Potential with Seint Makeup

The earning potential with Seint Makeup can vary based on an individual’s efforts, sales volume, and team size. Distributors earn commissions on their personal sales and can also earn bonuses from the sales made by their downline team members.

Earning Level Commission Percentage
Level 1: Personal Sales 20%
Level 2: Team Sales 5%
Level 3: Team Sales 3%
Level 4: Team Sales 2%

As distributors progress in their Seint Makeup business and achieve higher sales volumes, their commission percentages can increase. Additionally, there may be opportunities for bonus incentives and rewards based on performance.

Building a Successful Seint Makeup Business

To build a successful Seint Makeup business, distributors should:

  • Invest time in product knowledge and beauty techniques to effectively demonstrate and promote Seint Makeup products.
  • Utilize social media platforms and online marketing strategies to reach a wider audience and grow their customer base.
  • Attend Seint Makeup training events and engage with the company’s online community to learn from other successful distributors.
  • Provide excellent customer service and follow up with clients to encourage repeat sales and referrals.


Based on the business model and structure, Seint Makeup can be categorized as a direct sales company with elements of multi-level marketing. While distributors have the opportunity to build a team and earn commissions from team sales, the primary focus is on personal sales and promoting high-quality makeup products. By leveraging the advantages of Seint Makeup’s business model and putting in the effort, distributors can achieve success in their journey.

Key Takeaways: Is Seint Makeup an MLM?

  • Seint Makeup is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company.
  • MLM companies rely on a network of independent distributors to sell their products.
  • Seint Makeup offers a range of cosmetics and skincare products.
  • Joining Seint as a distributor involves purchasing a starter kit and building your own business.
  • MLM business models often prioritize recruiting new distributors over selling products directly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about Seint makeup and its relation to MLM:

1. What is Seint makeup?

Seint makeup is a brand that offers a unique approach to cosmetics. It focuses on enhancing natural beauty and simplifying makeup routines. Seint products are known for their high-quality formulas and ease of use.

Seint makeup is designed to create a flawless and natural-looking finish by using a technique called “IIID Foundation.” The brand offers a range of products, including foundation, blush, highlighter, and eyeshadows, to help individuals achieve a customized and effortless makeup look.

2. What is MLM?

MLM stands for multi-level marketing, which is a business model where individuals earn money not only from their sales but also from the sales of the people they recruit into the company. In MLM, distributors are encouraged to build a network of salespeople beneath them and earn commissions from their downline’s sales.

MLM companies often offer products that are sold through direct selling, which means the distributors sell products directly to customers without using traditional retail channels. The structure of MLM companies typically involves multiple tiers, with distributors earning commissions from their own sales and the sales of their downline.

3. Is Seint makeup part of an MLM?

No, Seint makeup is not part of an MLM. Seint follows a different business model called “Artist Program,” where individuals can sign up as independent artists to sell Seint products and earn a commission on their sales. However, there is no emphasis on building a downline or recruiting others into the business.

The Artist Program allows individuals to have their own business and earn income from selling Seint makeup, but it does not involve the complex structure and recruitment aspect that is typically associated with MLM companies.

4. Can I only buy Seint makeup from an independent artist?

No, you can purchase Seint makeup directly from the Seint website. While independent artists offer personalized consultations and recommendations, you have the option to buy Seint products without going through an artist. The website provides a convenient way to browse and purchase the products you desire.

However, supporting independent artists can be a great way to get personalized advice and learn how to use Seint makeup effectively to enhance your features.

5. Is Seint makeup worth trying?

Yes, Seint makeup is definitely worth trying if you are looking for a simplified and natural approach to cosmetics. The brand offers high-quality products that can help you achieve a flawless and effortless makeup look.

Seint’s IIID Foundation technique allows you to achieve a natural-looking contour and highlight with just a few products. The brand also focuses on inclusivity, offering a wide range of shades to cater to different skin tones.

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The Viral Makeup Cult | SEINT the makeup MLM with @IAMCCSuarez !! #antimlm

Seint makeup is classified as a multilevel marketing (MLM) company, which means it operates by recruiting independent distributors to sell its products and earn commissions from their sales.

While Seint makeup offers opportunities for individuals to earn income by selling its products, it also relies heavily on recruitment and building a downline. This aspect of MLMs has been subject to criticism and controversy, as it can resemble a pyramid scheme where the emphasis is on recruitment rather than on the actual sale of products.


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